If you, like Bankstone News, thought The Stang was a film starring Paul Newman and Robin Redfort, prepare to think again.

Are you ready?

OK, The Stang is in fact a bit of a hilly/roady type thing in Yorkshire, which, along with various other unusually steep hilly/roady type things in that same county, may or may not make the final selection of ascents to be undertaken in Bankstone’s 2015 fundraising epic Mountain Monkeys.

It bloomin’ well should though! It’s relentlessly steep and grimly featureless, aside from some dry stone walls, the odd sheep, and the usual desolate moorland.

Depressingly, as the puffing and panting cyclist bloke in the video you can review for yourselves by clicking on the image below lugubriously remarks in its climactic final scene, this arduous ascent from culminates in nothing more uplifting than a dismal distant vista of County Durham.

Located somewhere in the godforsaken sheeplands between Richmond and Kirkby Stephen (no one knows exactly where) the legendary Stang is the ultimate trial of any child-sized motorcycle), testing both machine and rider to the point of outright will-loss with its endless risings and subsidings and seeming interminability.

A monsterous challenge it may be, but as regular readers will know Bankstone and Friends are never the types to duck a challenge, and have solemnly vowed to best this beast of a bank, or not depending on the final choice of route.

If you fancy having a go at the Stang for yourself, contact tour leader Dixon Tripod and you too could be one of the famous Monkey People this year!


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