Thinking of displaying a National Trust sticker on your car? That’s your decision, Matey. Just don’t expect your insurer to pay any claims if you haven’t told them about the modification you’ve just made.

Feeling the urge to advertise your faith through the medium of a fish-shaped chrome adornment to your rear end, or maybe a nice little tasselled pendant suspended from your RVM featuring the name of The Prophet TM enamelled upon a little shieldy thing? Don’t forget to tell the insurer – or you’ll be relying exclusively on divine support and succour in the wake of any prang-age.

Comparison site GioCompario.com warned this week that making even the slightest aesthetic modification to your car’s appearance without telling your insurer can invalidate your motor cover. Attach a roof rack with out permission, and you’re well and you’ve well and truly blown your claim-making chances!

The warning comes after one insurer threatened to void a Welsh vicar for the crime of adorning her car with “religious stickers” without so much as a by your leave.  So troubled was Bankstone director Dixon Typo to learn just now about this poor woman’s persecution, that he’s out in the car park right now, frantically scraping away at an array of West Bromwich Albion insignia with something that looks a bit like a chisel from here. Careful you don’t modify the bodywork there, Mr T!

GioCompario.com car bloke Matt Allover revealed this week that “Insurers don’t just class body kits, exhaust systems or suspension changes as vehicle modifications.” Many people are seemingly unaware of the need to notify any and all modifications, however seemingly trivial. The comparison site reports that stickers, decals, etc accounted for just 1.6% of all modifications declared by GioCompario.com customers. Meanwhile a worryingly low 0.5% of notifications related to the addition of a roof rack – surely not a fair reflection of the frequent mounting and dismounting of such apparatuses up and down the country.

More worryingly still, there is no record of anyone notifying the removal of a roof rack, which, as should be patently obvious to anyone with more than half a brain, counts as a modification!


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