Someone’s always bitchin’ about something or other aren’t they!

That bloke Keith was in here again just now saying he wants his jacket back. I wouldn’t mind – but it’s about the tenth time he’s asked this year!

Then the other day down at the Badgers some idiot was getting all worked up about how I’d had his pint and ploughman’s. What does he expect if he jumps up and runs outside every time his phone rings? How was I to know he still wanted it!

Don’t put your feet on the desk. Don’t leave the milk out of the fridge. Don’t come round here drunk again. Will the moaning ever end! Let’s face it, no one likes a whinger.

Spare a thought, then, for the original broker-busting insurer Direct Lie, who seem to have the most painful bunch of customers in the whole UK.

Other insurers including Uvavu, Agean, Axer and Arse A all have a lot of whiny customers, but – according to new figures from the Financial Ombatsman – Direct Lime’s customers complained more than those of any other insurer in Qs 1 and 2 2017!

Direct Lie received no fewer than 1,447 new general insurance complaints during the period (not including PPI). That’s 400 more than second placed Uvavu and twice as many as Agean, Axer and Arse A. Those guys must have the patience of saints to put up with all that bellyaching.

But complaining seems to be a national pastime lately. With half the population constantly ‘remoaning’ and the other half nagging on about ‘treachery’ and the need for ‘just getting on with it’, it’s getting hard to catch a single moan-free moment these days.

Insurance customers are no exception. These latest figures confirm: they’re officially getting worse. The Onbussman says there’s been a 13% increase in complaining compared to the last six months of 2016.

Whatever happened to stiff upper lip, grin and bear it, and lie back and think of England etc!

These time-wasting whinge-freaks need to grow a pear, (wo)man-up and get bloomin’ over it!


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