Deeply unsettling new research carried out by high-speed motor repair specialists KwikFit has found that there are literally loads of people driving around with work that needs doing on their cars who are simply not bringing them in for repair.

Fully 43% of UK motorists, KwikFik’s in-depth survey found, are recklessly motoring about the place with some form of repairable damage to their vehicle, ranging from damaged bodywork (56%) and cracked or chipped windscreens (14%) to balding tyres (9%) and damaged wipers (9%). London drivers are the worst, and are also the least likely to repair their vehicle damage (60%), while those living in the North East, having nothing much better to do, are least likely to drive damaged vehicles (37%).

Determined to get to the bottom of this disturbing trend, KwitFix researchers set out to uncover exactly why it is that British drivers are not getting their cars fixed. Shockingly, no fewer than 10% of drivers told researchers they “couldn’t be bothered” while others claimed they didn’t have enough money (29%) or time (13%)! The crazy thing is, of course, as KwidFit bloke Roger Groggs notes, is that “putting off vehicle repairs to save time and money can be a lot more costly and time consuming in the long run if these faults get worse.”

Minor windscreen damage could lead to major windscreen damage; damaged wipers could make it harder to see where you are going; neglected dashboard warning lights could actually be trying to tell you something important; bald tyres could cause a fatal multi-car pile up, resulting in the loss of dozens if not thousands of innocent lives; and unprepared dents and scratches could leave KwikFxx employees sitting around all day drinking tea and smoking fags.

So buck up your ideas, Britain, and get that motor back in showroom condition before it’s too late!



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