Having publicly scorned the polite conventions of dinner-table etiquette, Admiral Henry Engelhardt may now find supper invitations drying up.

“There’s food on the table every night, it’s true,” he confessed to BBC Radio 4’s Today programme this week, adding gratuitously: “I do think things should be spread around a bit.”

Being habituated – as a seafaring man – to eating in “a mess” can hardly excuse such indecorous comportment or its shameless public profession.

Not content, however, with the unsavoury revelations related above, the Admiral went on to air his beef with overfed felines and their grossly distended packages. “I am a founder-owner of the company, so it’s not just my salary that keeps me going,” he declared, “but I do think it’s amazing when you see some of the pay packages put together.”

What can any CEO actually do, he wondered, “to warrant the kind of packages put together compared to the other people working in the organisation?”

Aside from his unconventional table manners, and his indelicacy on the topic of executive remuneration, however, it’s clear the Admiral has a heart of gold.

“It’s important that people feel a part of the organisation,” he announced. “Ownership is part of that – and it shouldn’t just be restricted to top management.”

And with that he marched off to hand each and every one of his crew £1,500 in company shares, thus confirming the old adage that it’s really quite hard to dislike anyone called Henry.


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