When not bringing you all the latest motor insurance claims news, Bankstone News also rather fancies itself as a kind of all-round wordsmithmanship resource. We’re hopeful that our services in this line will soon be a great demand, or some kind of demand at least.

As a sample of the kind of thing we can do, we’d like to offer the following bullet point list in which we cunningly turn the letters of our sponsor Bankstone’s name into a bullet point list of compelling corporate attributes or Unique Selling Pints as we call them in the business.

Yes, you’re right, of course: we completely agree: the concept alone is basically a stroke of genius, but wait til you see with what aplomb we pull it off!

    • B Because Bankstone are really good at claims and that
    • A Another great thing about them is they are really professional
    • N No-one could ever say they aren’t the experts when it comes to claims – as it inevitably does when they’re involved!
    • K Stands for Special K and Bankstone are certainly quite ‘special’
    • S Is for standards, which is something that Bankstone are constantly setting
    • T Terrific for brokers, terrific for insurers, terrific for claims companies, terrific for Meet the Team: That’s what Bankstone are!
    • O If you are looking for professional clams handling, Bankstone are number One
    • N obody does it better (assuming it’s professional insurance claims handling we’re talking about, obviously)
    • E Bankstone does Every kind motor insurance claim including motorcycles, motors, commercial motors and otter claims services

If you’d like us to work up something similar for your business simply write to editor@bankstone-news.co.uk and we’ll think about it.



    What our clients say about us

    After the problems I had with my previous insurer when I was knocked off my bike, it was very refreshing to talk to someone who didn't automatically assume that I was at fault simply because I ride a motorbike. I received a call back very quickly from someone who knew what I was talking about and dealt with my call in a friendly yet very professional manner. Thank you.
    Mr. L - Westcliff on Sea