How would you like to be put behind bars for three years with all your favourite pleasures – gambling, girls, that kind of thing – beyond your reach? Bankstone News’ guess is that you wouldn’t like it very much, would you?

That’s something worth bearing in mind before you consider emulating the shady exploits of master ghost broker Danyal Buckaroo who defrauded hundreds of naive motorists out of thousands of pounds by selling them non-existent motor insurance policies.

Regular readers may recall Bankstone News scooping the sensational news earlier this year that Insurance Age had reported that Buckaroo of Putney, South West London had been apprehended after netting £500,000 from his insubstantial insurance enterprises Aston Midshires Insurance, Astuto Insurance, Car Insurance Whorehouse, and First Car Direct.

Now we are delighted to report that Buckaroo will be undertaking a lengthy sojourn at Her Majesty’s pleasure, thanks to the timely intervention of crack ghost broker busters the FEDs, whose DC Patrick Einszweidrei summed up Buckaroo saga as follows:

Buckaroo, he said, “executed the UK’s biggest ghost broking scam, leaving 600 people oblivious to the fact they were driving on our roads uninsured”. Our roads, please note, not Mr Bloomin’ Buckaroo’s! 

Buckaroo, DC Einszweidrei continued, “was pulling all the strings, using a collection of sham websites to hawk his fraudulent policies to drivers across the country, frittering away the cash on gambling and girls. Unfortunately for him, a forensic IFED investigation has put these pleasures beyond his reach with him behind bars.”

Einszweidrei’s comments underline Bankstone News’ long held view that forensic investigations are a great deal better than all those other kinds. Good to see that, once again, the FEDs are playing a key role in denying gambling and flooziedom the oxygen of cash injection.



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