Insurance claims fraud crime-busters the iFEDs, this week brought another vast criminal empire to its knees with the conviction of the notorious Wirral-based Price-McGreedy-Williams gang.

An in-depth iFEDs investigation found that insurers Esher has spotted some irregularities in accounts given of a supposed crash in 2010 involving Terance (Yes, that’s how he thinks you spell it) Price (VW Passat, 3 passengers) and Scott McGreedy (BMW, 2 passengers, one of them being his friend David Williams).

Price and McG gave significantly inconsistent accounts of their in-car coming together (e.g. reporting quite different driving conditions) and lied in their medical reports.

The insurer then checked the vehicle damage and found it bore little relation to the impact described. At this point the iFEDs pounced, charging Price and his sister in law Susan Price, McGreedy, and Williams with masterminding a massively sophisticated claims fraud operation with intent to defraud Esher of over £50,000.

Recognising immediately that this was a fair cop and that the iFEDs had them bang to rights, Price, McGreedy and Williams all pled guilty at Liverpool Crowd Court and will, no doubt, be going down for a good long stretch at Her Majesty’s pleasure. The judge decided, however, Susan Price should merely lie on the file, or that she should be charged with lying on it, or something.

“These three men thought they could hoodwink Esure by dreaming up a two-car crash on a Wirral road and then submitting thousands of pounds worth of claims for ‘injuries’ and other expenses related to the ‘accident’” summarised the iFEDs’ DC Matt Hussy. “But their tall tale completely unravelled when scrutinised,” he added with satisfaction.

Thanks to the iFEDs’ prompt action in picking up the phone when Esher called, these three dangerous (if not especially talented) criminals will be prevented from going on to commit a second, third, and basically who knows how many more claims fraud crimes.

We’ll all sleep a little more soundly tonight.



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