How many times must insurance comparison sites tell people: you have to shop around. It’s not optional. If you don’t do it, you’ll get hammered. And rightly so.

Because, in any civilized society, shopping around is what people do.

Your football team never wins anything? Shop around!
Your boyfriend watches footy all the time? Shop around!
Your lady just won’t treat you right? Do we really need to spell it out?

So, yeah, basically loyalty is for losers.

That’s why it’s only right and proper that, according to new research from Commuter Intelligence, idiots who stay with the same insurance provider are paying way over the odds compared with those who jump ship each time renewal comes around.

The longer a punter stays with their insurer, Computer Intelligence found, the more they’ll be paying for their insurance.

Switch after one year and you’ll save around sixty quid. Leave it a year and you’ll save a bit more. Leave it nine years (yeah, that’s right, Sucker, why not try it) and you’ll save a princely £116.71 (on average).

Wierdly, the same firm’s research suggest that people are basically lazy little so and so’s and can’t be bothered to change all their providers every year.

Some sad space-wasters reckon they should be rewarded for their loyalty and pay less not more for sticking around.

Never gonna happen.

Get with the programme.



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