As keen followers of all forms of transport involving two or more wheels – and as sometime riders of bicycles ourselves – everyone in the Bankstone News office is fairly brimming over with excitement this week at the prospect of the Le Tour de Yorkshire getting underway this weekend (today even).

In honour of the occasion your correspondent has been sporting a snug-fitting yellow lycra jersey all week. And very splendid we look in it too. Though sterner critics of matters sartorial might, by this stage in the week, consider the effect slightly compromised by the plentiful accretions of coffee, beer, ketchup etc that have built up where our ample middle portion protrudes to receive spillages, greasy crumbs and the like.

Minor blemishes notwithstanding, our sporty new look has certainly been drawing admiring glances this week, and we’ll definitely be sticking it over the weekend. But, to be perfectly honest, it’ll probably have to go in the wash sometime around monday evening – especially if we end up having the bath we’ve been promising ourselves – and our colleagues – for some time now.

Which brings us up nicely against the main theme of this article. Here goes. Speaking of new looks… however comely one may already be, all of us could do with having our look updated or ‘freshened up’ a tad from time to time.

And that’s why you’ll soon be seeing a new look for Bankstone News.

Don’t be alarmed, though, you’ll still be getting the same hard hitting news reporting and insight-packed analysis you’ve come to expect from Bankstone News – just in a slightly tarted up new format.

So there’s something for you to look forward to.



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