March 4, 2018

As regular readers will probably have spotted by now, at Bankstone News we spend a lot of time speculating about our readers’ dreams. Last week we wondered whether you might be harbouring secret hankerings after a career as an F1 driver. This week we’re forsaking such ludicrous delusions for the more realistic project of wondering whether you might ever have fancied yourself or your corporate vehicle of choice as the sponsor of an F1 team.

Imagine the thrill of seeing a brace of cars plastered with your firm’s branding lining up on the grid then senselessly colliding with one another on the first lap as intra-team rivalry leads to high-speed impact with barriers for both your beautifully branded cars.

That’s quite a thrilling kind of thrill, I’m sure you will agree. In fact, it’s so thrilling a thrill that it would probably be a bit much for you. What would suit you better, may we humbly suggest, is slapping a bit of your branding on the F1 Challenge car at this summer’s Insurance Endurance kart racing event.

That’s probably more than thrilling enough for you. And, better still, it’s a hell of a lot cheaper than sponsoring a Formula 1 team, which is basically the only other way you’re going to get your branding on an F1 car.

Ignite did it last year (see below), and it certainly made them happy. And let’s just say, exposing themselves to a large audience of motor insurance movers and shakers in this manner certainly didn’t do this thrusting, go-ahead insurance software provider any harm!

So hurry, hurry, get your sponsoring hat on quick, and snap up this unique opportunity before someone else snaps it up first. Visit the Insurance Endurance website for further details.

And do it now, for heaven’s sake!

You too could feel this happy!


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