One in ten British motorists lie to their insurers as a matter of principle. That is the extraordinary conclusion of the latest research from moneysoupmarket.com.

The study revealed that 36% of drivers would “flout the law” and make a fraudulent claim by denying having left their car unlocked and thus having contributing to its theft.

Only 18% would tell their insurers if they had not properly secured their vehicle. While 31% would only tell the truth when pressed. Nine per cent said they would never tell the truth. Never, I tell you!

Clearly the best technique for insurance claims people faced with such individuals (once confidently identified) would be to ask them: “If I asked a person who always lies whether you left your car unlocked, what would they say?”

Andy Leadbetter, managingdirector@moneysupermarket.com, obviously hasn’t been keeping up with the Britain’s current craze for outrageous dishonesty. “It’s a real surprise to find out so many motorists are ready to lie in order to secure a motor insurance payout,” he confesses.

But, quickly recovering his composure, he rallies to admonish potentially inveracitous drivers: “it would be foolish to keep quiet and withhold information. If you are caught out it could back-fire.”

Indeed. But have you any other survey highlights to share, moneysuperpeople?

Yes, in fact. Here they are:

•  Twenty-somethings most likely to lie (lie rate 15%, compared with just 5% for over sixties)

•  Mendacity rifest in North East and Yorkshire (lie rate 14%, compared with just 2% in East Anglia)

•  Scots most honest (27% voluntary disclosure, compared with average 18%).

•  Women marginally “more sincere” (33% would fess up when pressed, compared with 28% of men‚ plus also: only 7% totally committed to untruth, compared with 10% of men.

Andy Leadbetter concludes that truth is always the best policy and that drivers should “take care when securing their vehicles as prevention is the cheapest option.”


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