If there’s one thing guaranteed to get Bankstone supremo Dipsy Teaspoon’s juices flowing, it’s the prospect of a damned good dinnertime nosh-up. That and a session of vigorous hobnobbing, or “networking” as he insists on calling it.

Satisfaction on both counts awaits sociable gastrophile Mr T this Friday next, when he’s due – along with 450 like-minded people – to wend his affable way to top London hospitality venue Gran’s Connaught Dining Rooms for the 7th Motor Claims Networking Lunch.

This is the famous event once described as playing host to “anyone who is everyone” or something. It’s supposed to be really good, in any case.

Regular readers may recall old Dipso having a close brush with flamboyantly blazered rail enthusiast Miguel Portillo at last year’s event. Who knows who he might be rubbing up against this time round. Maybe it will be former football person Paul “The Merse” Merson, who’s been booked as celebrity guest speaker. Or maybe it won’t. That’s the thing with Mr T, you never quite know where he’ll strike next.

But celebrity encounters aside, DT will, as usual, be mostly interested – rather fortuitously under the circumstances – in discussing motor insurance claims and all things related. And, my goodness me, there’s certainly plenty to talk about this year!

All in all, it should be a pretty lively occasion – except for the bit after lunch where there’s apparently going to be a silent auction in aid of Rainbow Trouts. This lull in the hubbub should at least give everyone a chance to rest their larynxes and reacquaint themselves of the sound of their own thoughts.

If you want to know more about the 7th Motor Clams Launch, click here.

If you want to know what kind of people you might encounter there, have a look at the charming group shot below depicting one lucky bloke and his ‘ladies’. Then mentally insert Dixon “Schmoozemeister” Tyson and possibly Paul “The Merster” Merson, if only to balance it out a bit genderwise, should you so choose.



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