Legendary 70s fashion emporium BIBA this week nailed its coloureds firmly to the personal injury propriety mast, with a no-holes bard statement of purpose from executive director “Golden” Graeme Trudgle.

In a move that can have taken few industry insiders by surprise, Trudgle has made it emphatically clear that, following the bold stance on PI adopted by assorted ABI members last week, BIBA may very well be doing something somewhat similar in due course.

Not since the likes of Run DMC and Neneh Cherry adopted the famous ‘Buffalo Stance’ first struck by Buffalo Bills’ Bruce Smith back in the 80s, has any single stance proved so influential as that adopted last week by the ‘ABI Eight.’

But no sooner had said stance-taking been undertaken, than BIBA were fresh off the old block to regain the moral playground with a counterpunch stance of their own. “We are looking,” Trudgle proclaimed forthrigheously, “to do something similar for our members.”

Will the BIBAPI Code be the same as the ABIPI Code? No, not exactly: “We are not the same as insurers” Trudgle explained (in a manner some may have found eerily reminiscent of Michael “some work” Jackson’s limp “I’m not like other guys” in John Landis’ Thriller video), so “obviously the wordings have to be completely different.”

But, one way or another, it surely won’t be long before BIBA has its PI stance down pat. “We have a lot of groups on the go,” said Trudgle decisively, “but it would be good to get it done in the first six months of the year.

“It’s very early days,” he emphasised in a football-managerly way, adding diplomatically: “it depends on what members want.”

One thing, however, is perfectly clear, the insurance industry is absolutely united in its firm resolve against playing the part of profiteer in the painful but necessary war on whiplash/compensation kulturkampf/anti-claims campaign etc etc.



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