Two out of three UK drivers risk ending up in wet weather deep water this winter warned Alcoholics Anonymous this week.

In line with Bankstone News’ imaginative new policy of quoting other people’s catchy headlines in our stories, we can advise that the inspirational Insurance Ties magazine ran this one headed “Two-thirds of motorists making driving blunders during floods”.

Now that you’ve taken in that pithy little summation, there’s really very little need for you to read on.

Should you absolutely insist, however, we can further advise that the AA has carried out a highly scientific investigation into the first random opinion that came into its collective head and pronounced that precisely 60% of drivers are taking literally insane risks by attempting to drive through pluvial engorged brooks, becks, streams and rivulets, egged on, quite possibly, by mischievous signage saying things like ‘Ford’ or by fair-weather satellite navigation.

Given that the AA’s flood rescue team attended a mere 4,400 flood-related call outs last winter, it would seem that most of the UK’s 20 million crazy risk takers are somehow getting away with it. But, frankly, if the AA’s ever going to get any peace and quiet, even one flood-related call out is one too many.

The AA is particularly peed off with getting called out to Leicester’s notorious Watergate Lane and to so-called fords at Bucklebury Berks and Rough-Up Lane in Newark, where, frankly, they might as well have a bloke parked up permanent when it’s wet, just waiting for the next imbecile to bowl along.

Anyway, the AA has had enough of all this nonsense and is backing demands from the Environment Agency that drivers “check the flood risk for their entire route before they travel”.

Bankstone News for one will certainly be doing exactly that; and if our plans change at any time whilst in transit we will simply find a place where it is safe to pull over (having first made a visual check for any sign of inundation) and re-plan our journey to ensure we stay safe and dry and don’t put the AA man to any unnecessary trouble.

It’s basic human courtesy, isn’t it.



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