According to insurance comparison outfit GoCompario, at least a quarter of UK parents could soon find themselves effectively banned from driving.

Why? Because they’ll have been blacklisted by insurers, and hence be barred from buying motor insurance, without which, of course, they cannot legally drive.

Shocking as that may sound, the law demands it, and the law must have its way. It’s the law.

In any case, it’s all their own fault because they’ve been fronting for their offspring, and fronting’s an offence most foul.

More specifically, as regular readers will recall, fronting is the act of pretending that your kids’ cars are your own and insuring them in your name, with the nippers as supposed occasional users. One in four parents openly admit to this, and it’s a safe bet many more of them are doing it on the quiet.

Insurers, quite understandably, are up in arms at being denied the chance to target young drivers with premiums that properly reflect their mania for road-based mayhem. Fronting is fraud, GoComario stressed this week.

Perhaps the 50% of parents who whinge that young driver premiums are a rip-off would like to pay more themselves to even things out a bit – instead of fraudulently insuring their offspring for the same bonus-oldster rates they’re lucky enough to enjoy themselves.

Lying, conniving, cheapskate scum! You people don’t deserve insurance.

Hopefully, once we know who they all are, insurers will ensure they’re never offered an insurance policy again.


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