When bright eyed young Rachel joined Macclesfield-based Thorneycrofts Solicitors, as a newly qualified practitioner of the ancient and noble art of soliciting, her toe joined with her.

That – believe it or not was back in 1995 when Tina Arena was riding high in the UK charts with her unforgettable “Chains” (remember that?!) and Brian Adams was asking “Have you ever really loved a woman?” (well have you?!)

In the twenty years since that fateful day, Rachel and her toe have remained with Thorneycrofts through thick and thin. Her toe played a key role in supporting Rachel’s every move as she helped her new employers grow from just 8 to INXS of 170 persons.

While Rachel cemented her standing as a well-respected personal injury solicitor, her toe stood by her side. Her toe was there in 1997 when she became a partner, there again in 2003 when she became managing director just eight years after starting with the firm.

Bankstone director Dixon Typo joined the chorus of congratulation this week as Rachel’s toe marked 20 years service in the world of PI lawyerage. “It’s pedal digits like Rachel’s toe,” he may or may not have said, “that make this industry what it is today.”

How true!


Rachel’s toe (third from the right)
celebrating with friends



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