Ever since we made that exciting announcement a couple of weeks back about this year’s Insurance Endurance Kombat Karting Karnival (official sponsor: Bankstone News), we’ve been positively bombarded with letters and emails from readers utterly deficient in the powers of imagination demanding that we help them understand what it would feel like to be tearing round a long and loopy old track in a super-suped combat lawnmower at the world-famous Private Finance Initiative kart track in Lincolnhamptonshire.

Ever happy to oblige, Bankstone News can now offer you a generous helping of adrenaline soaked go-pro powered neck-ache inducing overlong footage of top kart bloke Marty Birks doing exactly that. More than just a taster reel, and an extended exercise in fruitlessly willing the bloke to lift his head up a bit so you can see the horizon, this unique video clip could also function as some kind of tutorial for obsessively-competitive souls anxious to gain a questionably fair advantage over rival drivers in Ensurance Indurance this summer.

So what are you waiting for: get that appetite whetted and don’t blame us if it gets a bit samey round about eight minutes in! It’s worth sticking with it, if only to witness the tragically violent demise of a rare Sumatran Hoogerwerf’s Pheasant, escaped from a local fancier’s flock, at 27:42.



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