A lot of people have been asking Bankstone News lately ‘What about some more karting – we really like karting and we were wondering when there might be some more of it.’

Well, the good news is that there will indeed be more karting. The even better than that news is that karting fans won’t have to wait long before they can have their fill of karting – and more!

That’s right, Insurance Endurance is back! The UK’s most popular insurance-only endurance karting event returns by poplar demand this summer – but this time with a twist!

The twist is… (you’re going to like this)… it won’t be in Milton Keynes! Anyone who has an acute phobia of new towns built on grids like Lego City (and, let’s face it, who doesn’t) is sure to thrill to the news that Insurance Endurance (official media sponsor Bankstone News) this year moves to PFI Karting, the UK’s longest karting track, conveniently located in deepest darkest Lincolnhamptonshire.

We’re not entirely sure what PFI stands for, but we think it might be Pretty [rude word] Intense. And that’s exactly what this year’s IE will be: a gruelling marathon of zooming round a wiggly track (with a bridge and everything!) in supercharged low-slung sit-on-mower type thingys, interspersed, hopefully, with flurries of F1 tyre changing – the one aspect of the competition in which Team Bankstone (who typically weigh in at well in excess of the one-tonne total of which this year’s French Six Nations pack so vainly brag) have any realistic chance of podiuming.

When exactly will it be? Probably June-ish, but we’ll be able to tell you more once we’ve worked out which major insurance industry/sporting events we can schedule it against.

The competition will be open to teams of eight drivers or fewer. The more drivers you have, the less enduring you’ll have to do, obviously. There’ll be opportunities for sponsorship, bacon butts and beverages, and a charity fundraising aspect to the proceedings.

Stay tuned to Bankstone News for further information as soon as we have it!



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