October 16, 2015

Fahad Mutabazi Abdulatif of Barking, Bankstone News learned this week, has just been put away for three whole years for the ghastly crime of selling dubiously funded motor insurance policies to criminals.

Abdullah Tealeaf furnished criminals and non-drivers with no fewer than 107 policies over a 12-month period from November 2012, courtesy of insurer Elvee Equals, paid for on direct debit using stolen bank account details.

When Elvee Equals finally cottoned on, they wasted no time in drafting in top insurance fraud busters the FEDs, who – as is their wont – made short work of rounding-up Abdul the thief and taking him down.

“Abdulatif went to great lengths to sell his bogus car insurance to many who were known criminals and some who were not licensed to drive,” notes City of London Police detective constable Daniel Dankoff, whose name we have been carefully to transcribe correctly.

Meanwhile Elvee Equals general head of fraud Sue Jones said she hoped the three-year sentence would serve as a lesson to other would-be fraudsters and warned consumers “they too could potentially end up with a criminal record as a result of their involvement.”

Bankstone News has frankly no idea why the criminals in question wanted those insurance policies in the first place, nor, indeed, how providing dodgy insurance paperwork to criminals (who presumably had some inkling Old Abdul was up to something) constitutes “ghost” broking.

We’re just telling you what we heard.

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