April 19, 2012

One day soon all brokers will be named after species of tuna. Improbable as this might sound, the evidence is mounting. The latest instance of this phenomenon comes with the news that Admiral has sold its Italian price comparison business Chiarezza to Paris-based Blackfin Assurance Courtage.

The Blackfin, fact fans, is a smaller cousin of the Bluefin, which grows to a maximum length of one metre and feeds mostly on tiny stomatopod larvae. Although they won’t turn their snouts up at the occasional juvenile squid. As, indeed, who would!

Admiral claims the sale will have no impact on its Italian motor insurance business ConTe which means with you or (read this carefully) count, depending on whether or not you recognise the intended function of a capital T four letters in (after the space-omitting fashion increasingly popular with US-based latins with multi-word family names).

In reality, of course, the comparatore is named after Juventus’ former captain and current manager Antonio Conte (Tony the Count), an iconic figure in Turin, hometown of Italy’s motor manufacturing industry.


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