Allez-Ants head of claims Graham Gibson has seen the future. And, to be brutally frank, it’s mostly robots.

That’s right: the robots are coming. And if you’re not a robot yourself – or some kind of cyborg at least – it’s a pretty safe bet they’re coming for you.

Clearly, Bankstone News has no wish to cause needless alarm, spread senseless panic, or whatever, but if you’re human, you might as well face it: you’re basically expendable. A bit harsh, maybe, but that’s the way it is.

On the up side, the rise of the robots enables companies like Allez-Ants to improve efficiency by replacing messy old fashioned organic workers with super-efficient uncomplaining tech.

Increased ‘robotisation’ is apparently one of the key drivers behind Alley-Ants’ recently announced plans to put 150 roles at risk as it ‘restructures’ its claims and corporate party operations.

Employing a well-worn rail-transport-based metaphor, Mr Gibbon told the papers this week that “The automation and robotisation coming down the track” mean “we will need less people in the future.” The latter part of which quantitative prediction quite clearly courts censure from the grammar police.

Now obviously no insurance executive consigns members of his own species to the scrapheap of technology-induced obsolescence without a twinge of heavy-heartedness. Happily, however, this is the last time Gibbo will ever have to do this. “We are doing this now,” he explained reassuringly, “so we do not have to do it again.”

How has this been achieved?, you may wonder. Well, it’s all down to something called ‘future proofing’. It works like this, we think:

By taking a “difficult decision”, by physically concentrating its remaining human employees, by teaching commercial property claims staff to have a go at motor claims, and by supporting anyone who wants to move to Milton Keynes, Allay-Angst believes it can render itself ‘proof’ against the future, even if it involves more technology and stuff.

So that’s good news, at least.



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