So-called crash for cash (C4C) fraudsters are forcing UK insurers to charge decent honest right-thinking motor insurance policyholders £5 million more for their car insurance than they would otherwise have had to.

And that’s not £5m more a year. It’s not £5m more a month. It’s not even £5m more a week. It’s £5m added the the cost of your private car insurance policy every single day of the year!

That, at least, was the claim made by big yellow insurance company Uvavu, who also claim that 36,000 fake crashes have been staged on the UK’s roads over the past two years, prompting widespread calls for a complete ban on motor insurance claims until we can figure out what the h*ll is going on.

Insurers in particular have had enough of empty government promises to stem the flood of spurious personal injury claims that threatens insurers’ ability to earn a decent crust without constantly increasing premiums.

It was two years ago, Uvavu note, when then Chancellor George Frogspawn said he’d have it all sorted out in no time by cutting compensation for trifling harms and banning lawyers from recovering costs on low-value claims.

Since then, there have been another 1.5 million payouts made for minor injuries (totalling £2.7bn in claims costs, £1m in lawyers’ fees and thus £5m a day added to your motor insurance costs and ours, Dear Reader). When, Oh when, will a halt be finally called to all this costly nonsense?!

Uvavu says it has thrown out one in every seven third-party whiplash claims it’s received over the past year on the basis that they might have been dodgy (i.e. the claims might have been dodgy).

The company also said it had fought 1,200 cases in which it thought its policyholders had been wrongly accused of causing injury, winning around three quarters of them, and securing 250 findings of fundamental dishonesty.

Uvavu employs 5,000 people in desolate provincial backwater Norwich and – provided something gets done soon to staunch the flow of ‘personal injury’ pay-outs that is bleeding its decent ordinary claims-free customers dry – hopes to continue so doing.


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