February 1, 2013

We have had a fabulous response to our Reader’s Portraits of Great Insurance People competition. The playtex board hoardings of the Bankstone News Gallery are literally groaning under the weight of top-quality work, you’ve already sent in and don’t forget you still have until February 14 to send in your submissions if you have already sent us your masterwork.

Here now, for your sensory delectation is a selection of entries that caught our eye. But don’t worry if yours is not among them – no judging has yet taken place, so you still have every chance of scooping the top prize of the (previously unclaimed) hamper in which all the stuff from Fortnum’s arrived just before Christmas. You can fill it with any old rubbish from Aldi come December and your valued business partners will never know you haven’t spent a bomb on them.

Picture 1

Mike Trepan of KMPG sent us this charming pen sketch of Mr Independent himself Michael Bright. Great work Mike – nicely observed!

Picture 2

Here’s a lovely one of peroxide blonde bitch from hell columnist Polly C. Remember her? Or should we say him? Jeremy Dandalus of solicitors www.cash4victims certainly does! Hats off to ya, Jezza, seems to us you’ve captured her to a tee!

Picture 3

In the first of this week’s photographic entries, here’s Donald Hoorsore of Uvavu’s lively update on a classic shot of biker babe Carole Nash. Those were the days eh, Donald?

Picture 4

Baldur Lieberhandlerer of Archer Hall sent us this sensitive pencil sketch of BIBA eminence grise Andy Homer. Lovely stuff, Baldur – you’ve really captured the essence of the man here – especially the teeth!

Picture 5

Finally, we have a candid photo portrait of Bankstone director Andy Jones captured at a recent industry event by Deirdre Herrington of brokers Strobes Ingliss Norton. What can we say, Deirdre, when you’re working with the finest materials you can hardly go wrong!

That’s all for now. Keep those entries coming and we’ll bring you the winning entries in a future edition.

Send your entries to editor@bankstone-news.co.uk


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