April 13, 2017

Excitement continues to mount around the much anticipated Insurance Endurance 2017 event coming up in just a few months’ time.

Hot off the electronic inter-press is a brand new website exclusively dedicated to the event, portions of which (presumably to add a touch of class) appeared at the time of going to press to have been composed in Latin.

Click on the link above for your chance to witness the unique and rarely glimpsed spectacle of an insurance-themed motorsports website in the very process of creation.

By doing so you will learn, for example that the event takes place on Tuesday 27 June at the Private Finance Initiative racetrack in the scenic heart of Linkenshire U.K. and that teams of up to eight drivers will be competing in a six-hour endurance bout of driving round and round a twisty-turny track with a real bridge and stuff.

Not only that – but there will be some radical innovations this year, about which we think you are going to be really rather excited. For example: the inclusion of professionally filming of all teams competing, with drones and everything, and a Formula One simulator!

With major sponsors including Ignite Insurance Systems and NCI Insurance already on board  (and still space for your name here), this year’s event looks set to partake of a suspicious whiff of professional excellenceness.

Essentially, you will need to be there or pass the remainder of your sorry squandered existence bitterly regretting that you weren’t.


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