Our unique claims handling technology enables us to link directly to brokers’ own software systems to extract the information we need to handle any bike-related claim. As soon as they have validated an incoming claim, our claims handlers can instantly call up the policyholder’s details on screen. This immediately reassures a caller that they are talking to the right people – and helps build trust and rapport from the very start.

Because we’re looking at the exact same data held on the broker’s system (often the same data the policyholder typed in themselves at application), we’re saving time and avoiding the risk of re-keying errors. The customer is happy because they get a more efficient, seamless, and personalised service – and because they don’t have to waste time repeating information they’ve already provided. This unique technology has helped us cut our average first notification call duration from 25 minutes to just six and a half.

Brokers are happy because we provide a complete outsourced claims service while keeping them fully informed every step of the way. We effectively become the broker’s claims department, handling everything from first notification of loss, to all subsequent claims enquiries, all the necessary chasing up, making sure underwriters have everything they need to progress a claim, and handling all claims-related post.

We offer all our broker customers the ability to log in to our extranet at any time to access comprehensive real-time information on the current status of any or all their claims. This enables brokers to extract data and run reports whenever and however they wish. We also keep brokers continually updated with underwriting information to make sure NCBs are correct and renewals are invited correctly.

    What our clients say about us

    Stacey was very helpful, informative and polite and quickly dealt with the claim and what information she needed.
    Mr. J - Ivybridge