Bankstone provides an outstanding professional claims handling service for motor fleet brokers. We give you the information you need to offer your clients a more intelligent recommendation. This allows both them and you to operate more profitably.

By collating all fleet claims data as it arises, we equip you with the underwriting data you need to go out and find the best possible quote for your client each year at renewal. The in-depth user-friendly data we provide also empowers you to recommend the best insurer based on the TOTAL cost of selecting them – rather than simply going for the cheapest quote.

For example, if you can show your client that Insurer A is quoting slightly lower but takes significantly longer to authorise repairs than Insurer B, you may be able to show them that they will ultimately be better off selecting Insurer B. This enhances the perceived value of your advice as well as your ability to benefit financially providing it.

Of course your clients want to pay less for their insurance, but if the lowest quote comes with a poor-service sting in the tail, they won’t thank you for providing a recommendation based solely on price. By empowering you to make more intelligent, better supported insurer recommendations, we help you stand out in today’s highly competitive market. To our knowledge no other claims handling firm does this.

Refer your fleet clients to us, and we will contract with each, enabling us to handle the VAT issues and enable their drivers to collect their vehicles directly from our managed panel of specialist repairers without having to pay an excess on collection.

    What our clients say about us

    Well mannered operator. Well spoken and a friendly voice at a time when it is much needed.
    Mr. W - Toon