Groundbreaking new research carried out by Professor Marty Gill of Tonbridge-based Perpetrator Research International has given insurers a terrifying glimpse inside the evil seething brains of insurance fraudsters.

The insights captured by this new report, commissioned by the Association of Brush Insurers (ABI) and ‘supported by’ insurance crime busters the iFeds will enable both police and insurers to crack down on fraud like never before.

In compiling this game-changing report, Gill and his team of top research babes (Marty’s Angels as they are known) took their lives in their hands to talk to actual fraudsters face to face in their lairs.

What they learned (and we should warn you, some readers may find this disturbing) is as follows:

– Most insurance fraudsters are incompetent novices
– They are utterly clueless and easily caught by anyone paying attention
– They never knew they were breaking the law or nothing, honest
– They’d never have done it if they’d known they’d get in trouble, or anything
– They are really sorry and will never do it again
– Society made them do it

Based on these extraordinary revelations, Gill has proposed a radical new strategy for combating insurance fraud based around “raising awareness that those who commit such frauds often get caught and the consequences are far greater than they realised.”

The ABI’s Fraud and Financial Crime Manager Mark Allen commented defensively that it is pleasing to find some evidence in the report (if you look hard) that “fraudsters are aware of insurance initiatives to tackle the problem” but is clear that insurers need to “redouble” their “message around the severe and long-lasting consequences of being caught committing insurance fraud.”

Meanwhile the iFeds’ Dave Clark welcomed the report, concluding that “if we are really going to get to grips with this criminality we need to have a deeper understanding of exactly why people are committing insurance fraud.”

So now we know!



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