According to daily newspaper and insurance comparison launchpad the Daily Telegraph, the cost of motor insurance is rising at a shocking five times faster than the rate of inflation (is rising).

Quoting devastating new findings from hard-hitting research monkeys Consumer Intelligents, the Torygraph revealed this week that motor insurance premiums are currently enlarging at a rate of 14.6%, compared with inflation which is barely managing a pitiful 2.9%.

These rapidly increasing premium prices, the Telegraph suggests, mean readers would be well advised to compare prices with The Daily Telegraph. This is especially true it they’re getting on a bit and maybe look at bit like the charming couple pictured below.

That’s because car insurance premiums for the over-50s saw the sharpest increase over the past year, ascending at a stratospherical 16.5% per annum, making it highly advisable to shop around by comparing prices with The Daily Telegraph.

Youngsters on the other hand have reached the point where – even though they’re utterly diabolical insurance risks – cannot really be charged much more (otherwise they’d probably stop bothering with motor insurance, and maybe even motors, all together). The 0-25 year old age range saw an insurance premium (motor) increase of just 11% last year.

Although, it would still be worth any youngsters who might happen to be reading that particular newspaper (maybe they’re idly leafing through their grandparents’ edition while their phone updates its operating system or something) to compare prices with The Daily Telegraph.

Kevin Pratt [sic] of MonkeySuperMeerkat, a firm who have very helpfully been helping people to shop around by comparing prices with the Daily Telegraph, told the newspaper “People confronted by rising car insurance premiums can take the sting out of the increase by shopping around at renewal.”

Wise and timely words, there, from Mr Pratt.


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