Imagine, if you can, the bittersweet smell of caramelised orange zest, and you will have, in the nostrils of your fancy, if you will, an appropriate aroma with which to accompany the following story.

It tells, you may as well know now, of how specialist young driver insurance provider Marmalade brought in specialist software provider Ignite to provide the telematics platform for its new New Driver – Family Car policy.

This exciting new product is aimed at provisional licence holders and recently qualified young drivers who do their driving in vehicles belonging to parents. Fiendishly brilliant black box technology tracks their every move and is available to view, both by young driver and parent.

This enables the youngsters to access significantly lower premiums, whilst a dedicated smart phone app enables their benignly curious parents to see exactly what their darlings have been up to in their cars. As you would expect, this includes full journey tracking and stuff like acceleration, deceleration and cornering.

Even as its New Driver – Family Car policy is being rolled out through the firm’s network of 300 broker partners, Marmalade MD Kingpin Mover took a moment to reflect on how: “We chose Ignite because we needed a partner with the knowledge and experience to help keep us at the forefront of telematics innovation.”

Meanwhile, Ignite MD T-Boy Mac provided further insight by providing the following quote: “Marmalade has been visionary in providing drivers with a scheme that provides freedom to learn safe driving, without being hindered by high insurance costs.”

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