If you’re thinking – as well you might, amidst the dank dreariness of early February – that summer is a long way off, you almost literally could not be more wrong.

Not in geological terms. Not in historical terms. And most certainly not in terms of still having plenty of time to get round to booking your team place(s) for this year’s Insurance Endurance.

The longer one spends on this planet, the faster the days and the weeks and the months seem to slip through one’s fingers. Like new-fallen leaves borne off on the waters of brisk autumn streams, participatory motorsports corporate-entertainment/networking opportunities are apt to get carried away, along with those days, weeks and months.

How horribly soon, Dear Reader, you will wake up one morning to find Feb’s  given way to Mar, Mar to Apr, Apr to… oh, you know, whichever one comes next.

And, the next thing you know, it’ll be June, and you’ll have completely missed your chance to be part of what is incontestably the UK’s leading kart-racing event exclusively catering for persons in some way connected with the world of motor car insurance.

Then you’ll be sorry!

But… it doesn’t have to end like that.

On the contrary, all you need do is click here and you’ll find yourself magically transported to a very special webpage where, with but a few fleeting clicks and a soup’s-on of ‘field’ filling, you can protect yourself against the catastrophic outcome to which we alluded in Paragraph 2, by the simple expedient of securing your team place(s) for Insurance Endurance 2018.

And then you can relax and get back to whatever it was you were doing before. Although why you would want to waste your time on something like that, Bankstone News will never properly understand.

Still, it’s your life. If that’s the way you choose to carry on, who are we to remonstrate?

Experience for yourself the unforgivable thrill of insurance-karting on a grand scale!


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