May 4, 2011

Some law bloke at Leicester Crown Court has convicted five men and three women of car crash fraudery, Insurance Age reports this month.

The eight individuals were accused of claiming tens of thousands of pounds for four collisions in Birmingham and Leicester, only one of which actually happened.

Age reports that police began investigating in 2008 when they learned that 37 year old Hooman Jaffari was going to be involved in one of these non-existent crashes.

His trail led back to his fraudulent claims company Accident Experts Limited in Birmingham. Police brought in an “independent collision investigator,” “and it was then,” Age reports, “that more cracks began to appear.”

Jaffari acted as an intermediary between the “claimants” and a claims company based in Lancashire, which was apparently “unaware of the fraudulent nature of the collisions.”

Hooman Jaffari and his associates netted nearly £50,000 in “commission” and would have gotten away with twice that if they hadn’t been nabbed.

Investigating officer DC Dave Jackson said: “This two-year investigation was incredibly complex and detailed because of the large number of people involved.” (Thank god there weren’t nine of them.) “I hope this will act as a stern warning to anyone considering taking part in such fraudulent activity.”

FBI director Glen Marr hailed another successful joint operation. “We will continue to find, expose and pursue those criminals,” he promised in no particular order. “It demonstrates the power of the industry to work with the police to bring fraudsters to justice.”

It certainly does. With this lot behind bars we can also sleep easy tonight.


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