Beware of silver Hondas. That’s the message from Motor insurers Privileged, who this week warned the public to be on the alert from Britain’s most annoying car.

If you thought Audis and BMWs were bad [check this, ed] wait ’til you get a load of silver Hondas. Apparently they’re terrorising the nation with their outrageously ‘irksome’ road use.

A survey carried out by Privileged found that silver hondas are public enema number one across eight out of 20 of the most annoying types of on-road behaviour.

That’s right, silver Hondas (silver ones, mind, not the other colours) are worst for:

  • driving annoyingly slowly
  • undertaking (leave it to the hearses, please)
  • “pulling out” in front of other drivers (no idea what this means but it sounds rude
  • road hogging (like dogging, but worse, we think)
  • failing to indicate
  • using a mobile while driving
  • failing to “give way” (think Monty Python’s Black Knight)
  • and, last but not least, “splashing” pedestrians

Yes, BMWs and Audis have their faults (e.g. cutting corners for the former, pulling away too slowly for the latter), but actually they’re really not that bad, Privileged reveal.

So, there you go: silver Honda’s are the worst. Or are they…?

Just possibly not – because, although they score lower for many of those 20 annoying types of on road behaviour that make other road users want to force you onto the side of the road and pull out their tyre irons, there’s one other type of car that is – in moral terms, at least – even worse than silver Hondas.

And that type of car is… SEATs. Why? Because people who drive SEATs are basically a bunch of DWACs. This, of course, stands for drivers without a conscience. How do we know this? [can we stop with all these questions and answers, please? ed] (OK) Because more than 50% of SEAT drivers told Privileged’s researchers they frankly couldn’t give a flying f*rt what other drivers think.

Well, really!


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