Thinking of building and/or owning a “connected car” without involving former soviet intelligence officer Eugene Kaspersky and his digital-security/anti-virus minions at Kaspersky Labs? Forget about it!

“Connected cars will be vulnerable to hackers for a decade,” warns Kaspersky. Maybe longer, even, but not less for sure. As cars get smarter and smarter (eventually getting smart enough to stop allowing us a role in driving them), he warns, they will become more and more safe – and yet, paradoxically, you might say, less and less secure!

What will hackers be doing while this is happening. Simple: they’ll be finding “more and more methods to attack private cars”. If you don’t get your car Kasperskerized (TM) you’ll simply be giving them more and more ways to do this as you add stuff like networked safety sensors, telematics, GPS trackers, internet connections and phone-syncing technology to your automotive experience.

Research group Grater have predicted that by 2020 there will be 250 million vehicles directly connected to the internet. This will give more and more hackers more and more ways to take over your car and, for example drive it into a ditch (quite possibly with you in it). You’ve probably read about this in Weird magazine.

Imagine all the other things they could do if they could quite literally control your car like some oversized Sxalextrix toy. They could lock you out until you paid a ransom, or use it to run over someone they didn’t like, or simply drive it round and round the M25 until it ran out of fuel. The possibilities are more and more limitless.

You should be really really worried and invest immediately in something that Kaspersky Labs are selling. Don’t worry if you haven’t got a car: they sell loads of anti-virus and security software for your PC or whatever.

Unless you’re a boring old sceptic, like this lot, and don’t think connected cars are going to get hacked after all.

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