We’re all familiar with the much-touted claim that the UK sends £3bn in fraudulent motor insurance claims to Brussels every year. But new allegations from an unimpugnably independent source have unexpectedly thrown that figure into doubt.

Unbiased non-aligned watch-tank the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) has challenged the government to submit the contentious £350m figure for independent verification.

Either that, APIL insist, or remove it immediately from the side of the War on Claims ‘battle bus’ that minsters are currently driving round the country as part of a sponsored deal with leading UK motor insurers.

The figure has assumed a special relevance in the run up to 23 June as the Ministry of Justice is about to publish an “ACTION PLAN” based on the recommendations of the INSURANCE FRAUD EXPEDITIONARY TASK FORCE.

Regular readers will recall that the TASK FORCE set sail earlier this year to defend ordinary decent motorists, and the insurance companies who represent their interests, from illegal occupation by so-called ‘C4C’ fraudsters.

A key plank in the rhetoric used to galvanise the British public behind this campaign has been the claim that C4C fraudsters, and their so-called claims management paymasters, possess Weapons of Mass Deception capable off hitting mainland UK motor insurers (and the policyholders who will ultimately suffer) within 45 minutes.

Lord High Minster of Justice Falco has specifically cited ‘credible intelligence’ suggesting that the value of current fraudulent attacks could amount to £3bn per annum (that’s enough to privatise one NHS hospital each and every week of the year), equating this to an extra £50 a year on the motor insurance premiums of normal right-thinking people with cars.

But now it seems some or all of the above figures may not be strictly true. Bankstone News for one is at a loss to know what to think.

Nothing new there, then.

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