August 6, 2010

An army marches on its stomach, famously remarked Marechal Foulk, commander of the Napoleon’s legendary IV Corps des Escargots. His boss once claimed you can make soldiers out of soup, or something. In any event, Bankstone likes a bite to eat, so we are delighted to confirm that lunch on Day One of our charity marathon monkey bike ride, Monkey Business, is now officially taken care of.

Breakdown specialists nci (of Rescue My Bike fame) have kindly offered to host a lavish five-course sit down meal for Bankstone’s team of volunteer charity riders, weary after a hard morning’s straddling undersized motorcycles.

What, it’s sandwiches? Ah, well… At least when we can’t start the bikes again, we’ll be in the right place.

And because, we’re sure you’re concerned, it’s OK: lunch on Day Two is also sorted (as politicians and Eastenders say), courtesy of BLD and their Brighouse-based bushmeat barbeque.


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