Christmas comes but once a year, and, as Bankstone News goes to press, it’s getting very close to doing exactly that. Whatever the weather may suggest to the contrary. This, you will be relieved to learn, is the very last edition we’ll be bothering you with in 2015.

We’re off now through til sometime in the new year. Exactly when depends on how we cope with sustained and vigorous indulgence in every form of festive (or non-festive) indulgence and/or overindulgence that may chance to come our way twixt now and then, Dear Reader.

This edition, you will also, no doubt, be relieved to learn, marks the final grizzly culmination of Bankstone News’ long-running and unwholesome obsession with Insurance Ace’s #brokerapprentice gameshow thing, about which we must guiltily confess to having devoted not one but two stories in this issue (three if you count this one).

We’ll get back to some proper news next year, but we simply couldn’t end year’s output without wringing the final meagre drops of comedy value from what was in many ways an alarmingly professional contest, peopled by highly personable, even likeable, candidates with disappointingly little really wrong with them at all.

For now, we’d simply like to wish a very Messy Christmas and a Happy New Year to both our readers.

Here’s hoping you get everything you deserve in 2016!



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