What are you doing on 27 June 2017?

Well, unless you’re some kind of an idiot or in prison or something, you’re gonna wanna be at Insurance Endurance, the UK’s most insurance-related endurance karting event sponsored by Bankstone News (official media partner)!

That’s right: further to the exciting news revealed in last week’s Bankstone News that it’s karting time again, we now have a date.

That date, as we’ve already hinted, is 27 June.  It’s a Tuesday, which, whatever anyone else may have told you, is actually the perfect day of the week on which to hold a motor karting endurothon type event.

So get your diary out, blow away the dust, find a pencil, sharpen it, then immediately discard it when you realise that dates like this are not meant to be written in anything so impermanent as graphite, get a pen, make it a red one, maybe a marker pen or something, although maybe not because it might show through on the other side of the page and you might need to write something else there if this turns out to be an unusually busy year for you, and write in big bold letters: Insurance Endurance, then write (karting thing) next to it, in case you forget what you meant by Insurance Endurance next time you look at your diary. Now put away your diary. That’s the highlight of your summer sorted! Although don’t forget to actually book your place(s) whenever Bankstone News gets round to telling you how to book your place(s).

In the meantime, to sharpen your appetite, here’s a taste of how it might feel to be juddering around the UK’s longest custom kart track in a kart, obviously, and nearly running down some bloke with a trolley while you’re about it.



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    After the problems I had with my previous insurer when I was knocked off my bike, it was very refreshing to talk to someone who didn't automatically assume that I was at fault simply because I ride a motorbike. I received a call back very quickly from someone who knew what I was talking about and dealt with my call in a friendly yet very professional manner. Thank you.
    Mr. L - Westcliff on Sea