At what has been generally acclaimed as possibly the biggest BIBA Conference ever, BIBA Secretary General Eric Gallbreath set a large and by no means completely empty auditorium alight as he read almost fluently from his podium-top notes, telling the rapt audience “Please visit us on the BIBA stand.”

Sharing the stage with a distractingly massive pack of multi-coloured plasticine, Gallbreath was in no mood for compromise, declaring war on mediocrity, denouncing all those who trade in half measures, and calling down a fatwa on the scourge of partial satisfaction.

Gallbreath, it seems, has had enough of seeing satisfied members lolling around the BIBA member pool. “My real challenge, my real challenge, however,” he said, “is to move the 42% of satisfied members to join those 54% who are very or extremely satisfied.” EG must surely be applauded for his ardent will to strive for extreme satisfaction with real urgency and vigour.

To help him get a firmer grasp on the whole satisfied member thing, Gallbreath has called in “consultants Deloitte” to do some very cool consulty type things that are sure to provide excellent value for BIBA members.

On the thorny question of the FSA’s unfair FSCS funding model, Gallbreath said firmly that “all options need to be considered.”

Next year’s BIBA conference is in London (or perhaps slightly to the right of it), which is good because it allows delegates to disperse quickly into the sprawling polycentric metropolis to the west rather than hanging around to bump into one another with frustrating regularity as one inevitably does in a place like 2012 host city Manchester City city.


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