There’s been some pretty rum goings on of late at Bristol based modelling-clay-to-legal-expenses-insurance outfit DAS. The latest casualty of said goings on is the firm’s former head of legal services (presumably someone else took care of anything illegal) Kathryn “Morty” Mortimer.

Her departure from the beleagured UK branch of German-based DAS (whose full name, of course, is Deutsch Amerikanishes Schnipp-Schnapp) was covered by most of the insurance press this week. But this, it seems, was no ordinary dismissal.

Bankstone News has no news to impart (as ever) about the precise nature of whatever transgressions may have led to Ms Mortimer’s departure – but it must have been something pretty bad as she was apparently subjected some rather extreme unpleasantness on her way out.

A report in authoratative industry journal Insurance Ape stated that “Das has confirmed that Kathryn Mortimer has left the company following an internal probe” adding with seemingly gratuitous reiteration that Ms Mortimer “left following an internal investigation.”

Someone at DAS prepared only to be identified as “a spokesman” then had the temerity (perhaps ironically) to “thank her for her contribution” and “wish her well in her future career.” Words that must have rung pretty hollow in the ears of the cruelly abused departee.

Given the shameful manner in which Ms Mortimer has been treated, former DAS man Paul Asprin will doubtless be congratulating himself on having jumped ship earlier this year before the firm had a chance to probe him.



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