Bradford East MP Dave Wart has already proved himself a monumental champion in the defence of his much put-upon constituents against the slings and arrows of outrageous motor insurance costs (see previous editions of Bankstone News).

But brave Dave isn’t done yet and this week launched another scathing attack on the somewhat expensive (sky-high to use the technical term) premiums his fellow Bradfordonians are constantly forced to fork out.

What’s got his goat in particular this time round is the latest set of figures from Alcoholics Anonymous, which show motor insurance premiums in Bratford actually rising, when virtually everywhere else has seen them almost literally plummet.

What exactly has the world, and the world, more specifically, of motor insurance, got against Bradfonians?

Whilst the average comprehensive motor insurance premium in Bradford for the three months to June 30 rose to £661.79 (up a staggering £1.37 from the equivalent figure in the previous quarter), those smug bast*rds in Harrogate paid a mere £332.10 (down 1.3% on Q1 2014), Leeds just £425.43, and even blo*dy Halif*x got away with just £586.50 (down 1.1%) and they’ve got nothing to brag about, apart from that stupid drab expanse of colonnaded cobbles they’re so up themselves about.

Dave described the AA’s shock new findings quite simply as “an indication of what we face here.” The good news, he reflected philosophically, is that premiums “are not going up by five or ten per cent every single year” but he warned Braddies that the motor insurance ‘system’ is dysfunctional, insisting that ”It is never reasonable unless it is coming down.”

Hinting that motor insurance rates represent a form of collective punishment of the kind that made people like the Gestapo so unpopular, Dave noted that “It is so unfair on many careful, safe drivers who are suffering as a result of errors, and sometimes the criminal behaviour, of others.”

Fair point there, Dave. If that’s not dysfunctional, then Bankstone News has no idea (as usual) what is!

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