The increasing strain of maintaining aspirational first world lifestyles in an era of increased resource and energy costs is turning Britain into a nation of criminals. The unsustainable cost of insuring and running a car – for young Brits in particular – has led to an unprecedented outbreak of law floutage encompassing unlicensed driving, driving without insurance, and, most heinous of all: the vile collusive deception that is fronting!

According to hot new research from comparison site GoCampari, “almost one in five young drivers” is at it – aided and abetted, of course, by the shamelessly immoral connivance of their unprincipled parents. Small print obsessives might quibble that 16% looks at least as much like one in seven as it does one in five, but the message is clear. Young drivers are not paying their fair share of the national motor insurance burden.

GoCampari’s research also reveals that “nearly a quarter” of 17-19 year olds “have difficulty in affording to run a car” with 30% not having any particular difficulty on account of their parents are providing financial help and/or aiding and abetting them in the commission of a deeply antisocial act of criminal deception, to whit: fronting.

Three point five per cent of youngsters (what GoCampari would probably call almost one in twenty) avoid dragging their old ‘uns into a sinister web of deceit by the handy expedient of not bothering with insurance at all.

GoCompari’s Kelly Scott stresses that “fronting is fraud” pure and simple. “If you do have to make a claim,” Kelly warns, “the chances are you’ll be found out. Not only will the policy be invalid, but you may find yourself open to prosecution, liable for accident costs and find it hard to get insurance in the future.”

Bankstone News awaits the publication of statistics indicating that “almost one in five” motor insurance claims made by those between 17-19 are being declined by insurers, with the fronters duly brought to book.



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