Regular readers will no doubt be wearily familiar with Bankstone News’ morbid obsession with technology touters Wee Joe (or Wejo, as somebody has just pointed out they are now spelling it).

Last time we looked, the mysterious Weejers were threatening motorists with some kind of all-encompassing app-based consumer nirvana (driving tips, “brilliant rewards”, driving tips, special offers, driving tips etc.) in return for mobile-device-generated data on everywhere they went and everything they did. Or something. Don’t quote us.


However, since it turns out motorists are, on the whole, less interested in handing over their data than Wee Joe might initially have anticipated, the firm is currently focusing on people like fleet managers who, one naturally assumes, would simply love to know what their drivers are really up to 24/7.

With the Wejo Fleet app downloaded onto all employees’ mobile phones, fleet managers can track their every move with ultimate GPS-based precision. Forget spy in the cab. Now we’re talking spy in the hands-free cradle, spy next to a Ginsters on the passenger seat, spy in the grubby footwell after braking suddenly. Now, we’re talking spy in every driver’s bloomin’ back pocket!

Poor decision making

Wee Joe founder, chief exec, etc, etc, Richard “Gary” Barlow comments: “We want to make large amounts of data readily available to fleet managers to help them to make better decisions.”

The Wejo app, Barlow claims, will also prove a boon to fleet drivers by “helping them to enhance their performance” and freeing them from any unworthy temptation to dawdle or shirk.

In aggregate, all this lovely data will enable fleet managers “to identify high risk drivers and act quickly to improve driving behaviour,” Wee Joe further claim, whilst “data can be shared with other departments such as finance and HR” to make sure, for example, that nobody’s fiddling their mileage claims.

The price is right

Recognising the likely scale of demand for this innovative cutting-edge telematics and geo-data solution, the company is currently attempting to give the Wejo app away to anyone who wants it.






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