Those who maintain that there is no justice in this world will find it just a tiny bit harder to support this contention after definitive new research from law firm Dill Dickinson revealed that White Van Man (WVM) is among those drivers most likely to be targeted by so-called crashin’ for a cash-in (C4C) scam gangs.

The law firm crunched the data on a possibly-quite-large number of motor accident claims and found that almost a third of deliberate collisions involved largish vehicles of a white, semi-white, or formerly-white hue.

It seems WVMs are being targeted – not simply because they deserve to suffer more than other drivers – but because they tend to be fully insured and are usually driving like lunatics because they were supposed to be somewhere 10 minutes ago. This makes them ideal targets for the enterprising young C4Cer.

Speeding WVMs have minimal opportunity to apply their brakes when you slam yours on in their path, and don’t have time to stand around arguing about whose fault an accident was when they can simply swap insurance details and leave it for their employers/insurers to sort out.

Between them, the evocatively named Ford Transit, Mercedes Sprinter, Vauxhall Vivaro, Citroen Berlingo, Volkswagen Transporter and Ditto Tipper account for 31% of induced claims, the survey found.

“It’s cynical, but it works,” confirms Thomas Neil of Dill Dickinson helpfully.“



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