Who would not relish the opportunity of witnessing two bodies moving together as one? Grey and Swayze, Cagney and Lacey, Anderson and Lee – the tantalising prospect of another such great partnership was raised this week in the pages of the insurance industry’s most weekly news publication, Paste Magazine.

A former director of the Insurance Fraud Bureau (FBI) has exclusively revealed to Paste that she thinks it would be a good idea if that body got together with hard-bitten city-smart fraud fighters the insurance Fraud Enforcement Department (‘the FEDS’) and start “moving together as one rather than as two entities”.

Glenda Marr says she believes merging the ABI backed FBI with insurer-funded polite unit the FEDS would be logical: “To me it appears to be a logical path,” she told Paste Magazine, adding that “it would be illogical not to do it.”

Nor is she the only person keen to see the unrivaled intelligence of the FBI melded with the skull-cracking enforcement capabilities of the FEDS. Peter Oaps, who is the top fraud man at law firm Hill Dickensian, says it would be “natural” for the two bodies to come together as one, as “they are both bonded by one shape or form by the insurance industry and they have got a common goal.”

Questioned by Paste reporters, spokespersons for the FEDS and FBI said: forget about it, it’s not happening.



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