Insurers paid out a staggering 2 billion quid (that’s around 2% of the entire cost of the Apollo moon landings project reckoned in today’s money) in the second quarter of 2017.

That means we’re running at close to one Apollo per decade. Which is a fair old deal of money, if you think about it.

With an average value of £2,839.00, there were 13,000 claims in 2Q 2017, the highest quarterly number since 2013 – partly fuelled by special new keyless technology that makes child-splay of nicking fancy motors.

And when it comes to accident and damage claims, the average cost of patching up a policyholder’s pride and joy has risen to a whacking £1,777.00. That’s 33% more than what it cost just four short years ago. Which is quite a fair old bit, and no mistake.

Why is it so expensive fixing a couple of messed up motors, you’re probably wondering in your usual clueless way. Well, for one thing, it’s because motor manufacturers keep making their cars more and more complicated and less and less easy to fix when they get mashed up.

For another, however, in contradistinction, it’s because loads of cars nowadays are either made in foreign countries or have bits in them that made in foreign countries. And what with jolly old Brexit and the plummeting value of ££s Sterling, they all cost a fair bit more than what they used to cost before we started turbocharging British exports.

On which basis, Bankstone News has a modest proposal to make. British people need to start buying British cars again and end this senseless obsession with cheap foreign imitations.

That’ll cut the repair bill considerably. And what, after all, is wrong with ACs, Astons, Bentleys, Caterhams, Jags, Lotuses, Morgans, Rollers and the like?

Let’s face it, you wouldn’t keep a foreigner in your garage, so why would you keep a foreign car there?!

Do the decent thing and just say no to foreign cars.

And everything else foreign.


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