Would you believe it! They’re at it again. So-called judges are bleating away like little lost lambs about how the government’s long overdue moves to outlaw PI claims will make the justice system ‘unworkable’.

Baa, baa, baa, bl**dy baa. Just the pitiful sound of it makes Bankstone News sick. Come to think of it, those so-called judges even look a bit like little lost lambs in their really rather far out looking long white hats.

Be that as it may, the bleating’s becoming unbearable, while the Great British Motoring Public waits patiently in vain for its promised fifty quid off.

Some bunch styling itself the Association of Dissident Judges (ADJ) have insulted right-thinking people everywhere by submitting a so-called response to the Ministry of Juice’s consultation on banning piddly little PI claims, in which it argues – outrageously – that any changes be put off until 2022. That’s six lots of £50 we won’t be getting, then. So (sound of finger hammering away at loose-keyed Casio Calcumeister 5000) £6,000 pounds we won’t be getting! I think you know where you can stick that, O Wiggy Ones!

The self-proclaimed chairman of the so-called ADJ, one District Judge Richard Lamb (see: they even have sheepy names!) even has the temerity to claim that “the removal of a right to compensation altogether may be incompatible with the right to fair trial in article 6 of the European Convention on Human Rights.” So thank God we’ll soon be shot of meddling foreigners and their so called Human Rights. Inhuman Wrongs is more like it, if you ask Bankstone News!

Other nonsense spouted by the ADJ included:

  • Hysterical predictions of very significant problems and difficulties in the operation of the court system
  • Self-serving attempts to argue that injures worth under £5k are not necessarily ‘small claims’
  • The absurd contention that just because an injury has effects lasting longer than six months means it isn’t a ‘small claim’
  • That trivial afflictions such as MINOR brain and head injuries, PTSD, collapsed lungs, sex organ injuries etc. are not ‘small’
  • The bizarre claim that stuff like workplace injuries involves ‘complex areas of law’ (Ah, bless! Is it all a bit complicated for you!)
  • The nonsensical assertion that the courts will suddenly be over-run by litigants in persons and some group called the Friends of Mackenzie
  • Insulting suggestions said litigants in person might have trouble operating The Portal – when all they need to do is RTFM like anyone else!
  • Farcical insinuations none of it will work like it’s supposed to and everything will get escalated to higher, more expensive courts.

What a load – not to put an excessively fine point on it – of old b*ll*cks.

Get over it, You Muttony Old Moaners: the Great British Motoring Public has won!

Now you lot need to put a sock in it!



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