If you are a fan of legal protection, you’ll probably be familiar with the name Fist Assist. “Whether you are looking for an add-on feature to an existing insurance policy or as part of an value-added package,” the firm’s website reassures, “you’ll find we can always provide the right product…” [the ellipsis presumably denoting a mildly sinister pause] “at the right price.”

Those folks at Fist Assist, you’ll probably conclude, sound like the “go-to” people for legal expenses type things. So how would you feel if you suddenly learned that Fist Assist is no more?!

That’s right, Fist Assist is gone for ever. If you go looking for Fist Assist now, all you’ll find is something called Cigna Legal Protection. Which may or may not turn out to bear some marked similarities with the late lamented Fist Assist, but hardly has the same nomenclatural resonance.

Since Cigna bought Fist Assist in 2011, it has wisely set about scrapping the well-established UK brand in favour of the parent monicker, a bisyllabic little charmer of a neologism that’s memorably easy to spell (as long as you don’t start swapping Ss for Cs or Ys for Is) and neatly encapsulates the identities of the Connecticut General Life Insurance Company and the Insurance Company of North America.

The legal expensey bit was merely that last part of the former Fist Assist empire to succumb to rebranding.

“We’re delighted to announce CLP’s new name,” commented Cigna Insurance Services European Chief Executive Steven Susanson (resorting at once to initialisation in the face of the new brand’s unwieldy length), noting that the CLP name “underlines the successful integration of this fantastic business into the Cigna family.”

Which, you’d probably have to admit, it kinda does, if nothing else.



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