When loose-fitting Madchester bagsters Happy Mondays covered John Kongos’ 1971 hit He’s Gonna Step on You Again, frontman Sean Ryder took wanton liberties with the original lyrics. These included introducing the profoundly ambiguous interpolation ‘You’re twisting my melon, Man!’

But when it comes to misinterpreting or twisting (see what we did there) other people’s words, Andrew Trembly of so-called campaign group Axes to Justice (A2J) takes some beating. Or rather, perhaps, he should take some beating, as the harsh but fair punishment for his egregious (almost Trumpian) feats of truth manipulation, not to say outright inversion.

As regular readers will be wearily well aware, A2J have been shamelessly attempting for years to make out that there’s no such things as a Compensation Culture in the UK (a denial of verifiable reality very much on a par with Gruffalo denial).

It’s perfectly fine, A2J insist, for shameless scroungers and their ‘legal representatives’ to go around forcing up decent ordinary people’s motor insurance premiums by making completely unnecessary personal injury claims.

Why, only the other day, as reported by Bankstone News, A2J were making outrageous claims to the effect that soaring whiplash costs are a figment of insurers’ imaginations and that the benefits of the government’s proposed ban on PI claims would accrue to insurance company’s shareholders, rather than to decent ordinary motor insurance policyholders.

Now, in his latest attempt at bending truth, word twister Trembly has seized on some perfectly innocent statements made by insurer Alley Ants in relation to their laying off 80 claims staff in, ironically enough, Madchester.

Alley Ants boss Grey Gibbon attributed the future superfluousness of these 80 claims persons to “digitalisation and a falling number of claims”. Aha, thought the devious Trembly, ‘falling number of claims’, eh? That means it’s fine for every Tom, Dick and Harry who happens to have been injured in a car accident to have free access to shameless law-hawks and their dark carrion arts.

No, Mr Trembly. No. And no again! Just because the great Grey Gibbon says that cars and getting safer and accidents are becoming rarer “which is driving a reduction in personal injury claims” doesn’t mean claimsters should be given free rein!

Gibbon’s words have clearly been taken out of context. You have to understand that when GG talks about falling personal injury claims, that’s really just a nice euphemistic way of telling newly redundant claims staff ‘We’ve given your jobs to robots’. You see how awful that would sound! Much kinder to dress it up with a few little white lies about how safe, uneventful and plain-sailingish our world is becoming these days.

In reality, of course, a perfect storm of venality, mendacity and opportunism continues to lash the decent ordinary claims-free motorists of this world, brutally forcing insurers to push their premiums ever higher and higher again, just to keep their heads above water.

If that’s not a completely out of control compensation culture, Bankstone News would very much like to know what is!

Instead of persisting in his absurd and unpatriotic calls for the government to bend over and allow ‘a justice system that is open to all’, Mr Trembly and his pals need to come clean and admit that an extravagant and unsustainable excess of justice is quite literally bringing this country to its knees.

Keep you nerve, please, HMG and tell those claimsters where to go!


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