A lady MP is attempting to thwart the clear intent expressed by the Great British Motoring Public that car insurance premiums should be cut by £40 a year by banning personal injury claims.

Louise Ellman (LAB) has taken it upon herself to sneak round behind the backs of decent ordinary motorists everywhere in a blatant attempt to undermine the public’s overwhelming support for the long-overdue abolition of PI claims.

In a letter to Justice Minister Lord Ken, Loony Left Louise, chairlady of the Commons Trainspot Select Committee, claims outrageously that the government’s plans could penalise so-called genuine claimants!

She says she’s OK with the proposed ban on pre-medical offers because it would deter fraudulent claims. How very gracious of you, Your MP-ship. Glad you get that bit at least!

But then she launches in on ‘proposals to introduce a set tariff for pain, suffering and loss of amenity (PSLA) and to remove or reduce compensation for minor injuries’ which she says are not targeted at fraudulent claimants. Of course they are! They’re targeted at all claimants you silly woman!

She says the government needs to ‘demonstrate how the proposals to reduce levels of compensation will deter fraudulent claims while allowing those with a genuine claim to get appropriate restitution.’ We say: she needs to put a sock in it and let us have our £40 quid!

Instead of just cutting off the scourge of claims at source, she wants the government to ‘support efforts to detect, investigate and prosecute those engaging in fraud’ and back post-bolt-stable-door-locking initiatives like the so-called Insurance Fraud Bureau, the so-called Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department, and the so-called Insurance Fraud Register.

Lovey-Dovey Libtard Louise wants government and insurers to ‘share’ data, so everyone can have a fascinating time finding out what’s really going on with fraudulent claims, and moans on about how ’it would be a poor outcome and represent an injustice for genuine claimants if the overall level of claims fell but the proportion of fraudulent claims rose.’

She claims to be ‘concerned that the proposal to increase the small claims limit could see claims management companies move back into this sector’ and wants a ‘ban on cold calling’ like that proposed for dodgy pension pilfering calls.

She claims to be all concerned that ‘efforts to reduce fraud can often displace rather than eliminate it. If you crack down on whiplash, she worries, fraud might simply up sticks and switch to something else like rehabilitation or repairs or credit hire or something – and La-La Lulu says she wants to know what the government plans to do about that!

‘The process of managing a claim through the small claims process, even with a McKenzie friend,’ she says, ‘will be a daunting prospect for many motorists.’ Well, duh! Yeah, actually! That’s the POINT, ya dopey bint!

But she clearly doesn’t get it, because she seems to think ‘unscrupulous claims management companies’ might find some way of exploiting the government’s best claims deterrence initiatives by encouraging loads of tiny little claims. ‘Even very small awards might allow them to make a profit if they can encourage enough claims,’ she rants wildly.

At about this point, her letter goes completely off the rails, with wild claims about how the government’s proposals might affect the management of claims where nobody got hurt and that people might have to manage these claims themselves as well!

She’s clearly making it up as she goes along now, throwing in the supposed need for further changes to The Portal TM and MedCo TM and how maybe everything is happening too fast and we should all just have a nice cup of tea and think about it for a while.

Bankstone News doesn’t know about you, but we want our £40 now and we don’t take kindly to jumped up so-called politicians wading in to tell us we can’t have it.  Loony Louise’s treacherous take on that? It’s all just a con, she reckons, hitting an all-time low with the ludicrous insinuation that we might not see our premiums come down after all.

‘There is little direct evidence that tackling fraud has reduced premiums,’ she asserts without a shred of evidence to support it, summing up with the ridiculous demand that ‘In opposing fraud the Government should not put genuine claimants at risk of an injustice.’

Well thanks a bunch for that unhinged elitist contribution Louise, Bankstone News says in bitterly ironic way. Given the choice between trusting a so-called Lady MP and the Association of Great British Insurers, we’re pretty sure we know which way to jump!


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